Why Cremo Shave Cream is So Astonishingly Superior

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We’ve been using the claim “Astonishingly Superior” to represent Cremo Shave Cream since the beginning.  And many people have asked us, “How can you make that claim and what does it mean?”

Well, here you go!

We didn’t start Cremo on the notion that we wanted to provide men with a mediocre product. We wanted to bring something superior… astonishingly superior; the kind of product that makes you wonder why you haven’t been treating your beard with it since you were old enough to generate a formidable scruff.

Cremo Shave Cream is that product, and there are very good reasons why what we offer is unique compared to the usual cans of foam or gel you’re used to piling on your skin. Sure, you might read about exotic ingredients laced into certain products that claim superiority. But we don’t waste time with gimmicks – we stick with unabashed science and results.

The Science Behind Why Cremo Shave Cream Is Superior

To understand how shaving cream works, you’ve got to understand how shaving works. When a blade rides across un-lubricated skin, disaster is imminent. The edge of the razor catches on skin cells, causing irritation and bleeding.

Shaving cream is supposed to solve this problem by promoting harmony between skin and blade. You coat your skin in some sort of gel or foam so the surface of your skin is protected from your razor. As the sharp edge of your razor moves across your face, the foam or gel provides a buffer.

Unfortunately, foam is a mixture of lubricant and air, and air doesn’t help prevent nicks, burns and bumps.

We felt like there was a better way – a more scientific way – to cut down on this irritation. What we found was that certain molecules made from coconut oil were perfect for shaving cream. These molecules are long and slippery, which means they provide the perfect shaving surface.

The molecular structure of our shaving cream allows the blade of your razor to pass over your skin close enough to get your hair at its root, but there’s enough separation between blade and skin to prevent razor burn and those day-ruining cuts that bleed our patience dry.

The Practical Side of an Effective Shave Cream

We think we’ve got the fundamentals of a good shave down to a science, but shaving goes beyond the fundamentals of blade-to-skin dynamics. Convenience and clean-up plays a big role.

Think about the last time you shaved with a gel or foam. Gels tend to come out of the can in a docile state, then flare up into an air-filled foam after you rub them together in your hands. Foams, of course, come out of the can in huge tufts – no fomenting needed.

In both cases, you’ve got a handful of light foam that will, only by miracle, stay on your face and not tumble down onto your countertop or the floor. As you run your razor across your skin, utterly excessive piles of foam gather on your razor; this messy, haphazard scenario is not what shaving was meant to be.

Cremo Shave Cream, on the other hand, is not a disaster waiting to happen. Our powerful formula is concentrated, so you only need an almond-sized dollop in your hand to get down to business. As it mixes with the water on your face, it becomes slick and super effective.

No useless fistfuls of foam tumbling off your jawline; just a smooth, subtle lather giving you the best shave of your life. And even if you have to double back over an area, our cream will keep irritation at bay.

A quick clean of your razor (again, no swarthy clumps of foam) and you’re ready to head out the door irritation-free and feeling like a man who is ready to be a man.

Better yet, our products aren’t tested on animals; no cruelty here.  And our products are vegan. Our shave cream, as you can see, is about as pure a beard product as nature (and science) would intend.

Astonishingly Superior indeed.

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Caring for your beard

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It’s on your face, dude.  Care for it.

Your beard is a battleground.

Sure, you can stop shaving and get points for style and being daring.  But no one warned you about itch and irritation, hygiene and maintenance!  A beard worthy of the name requires attention if it’s to command respect.   And for this reason, many men would prefer to avoid the responsibilities and maintain a smooth face – facial pacifists, you could say.

That’s a damn shame, if you ask us. We’re certainly not going to tell you that you must have a beard, but we will tell you this: A well-groomed, well-maintained beard is worth the effort.

A First-Time Beardsman’s Guide to Beard Care

A man’s beard grows in three distinct stages: stubble to scruff, short to medium and medium to long.

From Stubble to Scruff: Beard Itch and Dry Skin

Put badly, the early stages of a beard can be gnarly. 

When you shave, your razor cuts a sharp edge on each hair and these hairs curve back into your skin causing irritation. Plus, your skin can dry out during this phase. 

Frankly, beard itch is a good reason to avoid No-Shave November – or any other month of beard cultivation – unless you’ve got the right game plan.   

Like any fight between man and nature, intelligence and resourcefulness are your best allies. You can try budget beard creams and remedies, but you’ll be disappointed. You can spend more than you should on “luxury” beard products, but you’ll quickly realize the price tag doesn’t match the performance.

We would certainly recommend starting every day with a good beard wash as an essential step to clean and exfoliate your beard at every stage.

We also recommend products specifically designed to soften your beard and stubble to minimize that dreaded “beard itch” and help you tame and keep your beard smooth and looking great, especially in the early days of growth.

Beard Softeners are used in the shower (like a conditioner) to turn stiff, sharp stubble into soft and touchable hair. They are usually followed by a good beard cream to moisturize and soothe itchy, dry skin. 

From Short to Medium: Unruly Hair

At this point, you’ve endured the right-of-passage that is the stubble-and-scruff stage. Your fledgling beard won’t fight you as much as it did before, but it still requires measured care.  Facial hair is tougher than the hair on your head but the underlying skin is more sensitive. As a result, you need to care for your beard differently than you would your hair (dandruff shampoo just won’t cut it on your face!)

To present an appealing, presentable beard, you’ll need to enhance your regimen. In addition to creams and softeners, as your scruff lengthens, consider a quality Beard Oil to nourish and condition your facial hair for grooming and growth.  Maybe even a scented beard oil to help keep your beard smelling fresh and clean.

The short-to-medium length phase is a chance to develop the habits necessary to achieve a healthy, handsome, hygienic full-grown beard.  

From Medium to Long: Shaping Your Image

You’ve reached the point where your beard is the face you present to the world. The experimental stages of stubble, scruff and whiskers have given way to personality and professionalism. 

Beardsmanship calls for a further addition to your regimen: Beard Balm.  

As facial hair grows, it has new and mature needs: moisture, conditioning and management to help lay down that unruly beard and help you style it to your own choosing.  A good balm conditions and moisturizes your beard while allowing you to dictate the shape, whether cascading to the chest or hugging your jaw.

Trend or lifestyle, a Well-Groomed Beard is a relationship. 

Each stage of your beard’s evolution demands a specific plan of attack. Beardsmanship is not a fad or a game.  It’s an outward expression of an inner sense of confidence and control.     

All of us at Cremo Company are here to help. 


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Cremo Gentlemen: Rick Bhatia

Posted by Matthew Biggins on

Let's talk to the modern gentleman and learn what he's all about. In our "Cremo Gentlemen" series, we sit down with a few friends to chat about life and style. First up - @rickbhatia.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am constantly back and forth between Los Angeles and Santa Cruz. Currently, at age 19, I am a student at UCSC pursuing a degree in Intensive Psychology. Having been born in Dubai and raised in California with Indian roots, I am constantly balancing the ideals, values, and expectations of varying cultures. However, I’ve always seemed to have a creative drive. Photography, along with the application of a Critical Psychology Lens, has allowed me to realize some of my creative visions (many are still in production).

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Cremo Gentleman: Tyler Hence of Love Nail Tree

Posted by Matthew Biggins on

It's time for us to have another sit down and chat about life and style for our "Cremo Gentleman" series. This time, we talk to @tylerhence of @lovenailtree.

Tell us about yourself:

I live and work out of an old cold storage building in DTLA that I have been converting into a co-work space. We are situated in Skid Row and I love it. Los Angeles is in my blood and I plan on being here for a while, making my dent in the community. We host a dinner once a month for the homeless, of which I have big plans for someday as well. Our building, coupled with my business, occupies most of my time day and night but it is what I know I am supposed to be doing. I have come to learn that I am passionate about and thrive in the presence of people, so I am pursuing it with all that I got.



Tell us about your morning routine. Are you the type to have easy-going or frantic mornings?

Lately, it has been frantic mornings! I love my sleep and working late nights has been cutting into it! Lately I have been refusing to get out of bed until minutes before I absolutely have to. But when I do get a slower morning, I love taking my time. I am the type to have a process I stick to. My morning shave, long shower, bowl of captain crunch, dress, and hair can take me up to an hour! And I have no shame.

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