Cremo Gentleman: Tyler Hence of Love Nail Tree

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It's time for us to have another sit down and chat about life and style for our "Cremo Gentleman" series. This time, we talk to @tylerhence of @lovenailtree.

Tell us about yourself:

I live and work out of an old cold storage building in DTLA that I have been converting into a co-work space. We are situated in Skid Row and I love it. Los Angeles is in my blood and I plan on being here for a while, making my dent in the community. We host a dinner once a month for the homeless, of which I have big plans for someday as well. Our building, coupled with my business, occupies most of my time day and night but it is what I know I am supposed to be doing. I have come to learn that I am passionate about and thrive in the presence of people, so I am pursuing it with all that I got.



Tell us about your morning routine. Are you the type to have easy-going or frantic mornings?

Lately, it has been frantic mornings! I love my sleep and working late nights has been cutting into it! Lately I have been refusing to get out of bed until minutes before I absolutely have to. But when I do get a slower morning, I love taking my time. I am the type to have a process I stick to. My morning shave, long shower, bowl of captain crunch, dress, and hair can take me up to an hour! And I have no shame.

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