Beard & Scruff Cream - Forest Blend
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Beard & Scruff Cream - Forest Blend

$ 12.00

Cremo's Forest Blend Beard & Scruff Cream is formulated to encourage growth by keeping your beard healthy, soft and hydrated.  Made from plant extract and essential oils, it moisturizes the beard and nourishes the skin.  Reduce beard itch, restore natural shine and keep your facial hair looking healthy and smelling fresh.  Our light but manly fragrance is fresh, not overpowering.  Great for stubble, scruff and beards of any length.  



 There are challenges at all stages of beard growth. Itching usually starts with stubble and scruff but can rear its ugly head with any length when whiskers and skin are not properly hydrated. Longer beards get unruly and require help to "lay down" for a more groomed appearance. This cream helps moisturize and soothe "beard itch"at every stage: from stubble and scruff to full beards. For longer beards, this lightweight formula is designed to style and shape without feeling heavy or greasy.

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