Our Story

Like many shavers, white-board inventor and Stanford Engineer Mike Boone was not satisfied with the dozens of shave creams he had tried over the years. Cuts, nicks and rough, agitated skin seemed like an unavoidable consequence of shaving.

Researching the science of shaving, Mike discovered that far more thought and expense was going into the marketing of shave creams and gels than into their performance.
He learned that most shave creams and gels are formulated as foams aerated liquids, in which gas bubbles are trapped. So instead of a proper lubricant coming between the sharp blade and your delicate skin, foams allow air to occupy that critical position. No wonder shaving results in skin tears, nicks and cuts and you end up with abraded, rough skin. They also obscure so much of your skin, it's hard to see how well your shave is going underneath it all.
Second, he saw that even high-end shave lotions primarily contain common ingredients like glycerin and oils that are simply not effective in producing a truly comfortable, smooth shave. Worse, many products contain exotic ingredients that are there to make you think they will do you some world of good, but are in such small quantities (known as "trace ingredients"), that they simply do not deliver any meaningful benefits for all their added cost.
The solution: Cremo Shave Cream. It has no air and no trace ingredients; it's a rich cream made only from significant, noticeably beneficial ingredients. It contains very unique, super-lubricating, highly-slippery molecules that have been specially compounded with other truly powerful skin conditioners. Together, they make your blade glide smoothly over your skin like an ice skate, they make your hairs stick out and stand up straight so your blade cuts them more deeply, and they nourish and moisturize your skin. You can see clearly how well your shave is going. Your skin will look and feel astonishingly soft and smooth. Your shave will last longer. Better than anything else you have ever used.
With the stunning popularity and praise of our shave cream, we turned our attention to other products where similarly astonishing benefits could be realized. First, we studied the world's costliest face moisturizers and worked with some of the very chemists that developed them. We studied what features and benefits most people wished they could have if they only had one, simple but effective product to use each day. Cremo Face Moisturizer was the result. We then focused all our efforts on face cleansers in the same way: Cremo Face Wash was the result.
As we continue to grow, we are listening closely to our customers. You can look forward to new products so long as they fit into our promise to astonish you in three ways.

Thank you!