Born from the grooming traditions of the past.
Designed for today.

Astonishingly Superior Shave Cream, Beard, Hair & Skin Care Products for Men & Women.

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We started this for us. Now we’re sharing it with you.

True story. Cremo Cream was created from scratch because Mike, one of our founders, couldn’t find a shave cream at any price that actually performed in a seriously meaningful way. It wasn’t created by committee, it wasn’t made to meet any sales numbers, it was made purely to satisfy the needs and curiosity of one rather eccentric but highly successful inventor of this and many other products. Mike shared it with friends and family. One friend, Kyle our other founder, loved it so much they decided to start a whole company based on that one, phenomenal product. Today, we’ve expanded into a range of men’s and women’s grooming products, each crafted with the same standards to be worthy of the Cremo crown.